The assignment was the demolition of two dilapidated residences and the construction of a maximum number of residential units on two plots in rural Geersstreet in Dendermonde.

The scope of the programme was in stark contrast with the neighbouring buildings, typical for the street. The city was only prepared to allow a project with multi-family buildings provided there would be a fluent transition between them and the neighbouring residences, being the residence located on the street on the left, and the more deeply situated buildings on the right.The design was limited in height, with a flat roof. Both these interventions significantly reduced dominance within the area. Moreover, with its open carport the residence blends seamlessly with the residence on the left, while the six apartments (2x 3 per floor) are built on the perimeter of the residences on the right. In addition, the large building block of the apartments is deliberately cut by staircases, so the impression is that they are smaller buildings. Combined with the well-kept green area in the front, this ensures a beautiful integration with the surrounding area.