BOXAR architects wants to create efficiently, simple but quality architecture and thoughtfully placed in its environment.

Nothing more, nothing less.


 “Architecture is not so much about designing a building in itself, but rather about creating a pure whole in which architecture, interior and exterior spaces have their logical place. Buildings are created by creating spaces, creating views and places in an environment.

Although there are some purely objective criteria that have to be worked with when preparing a design, you sometimes shouldn’t think too much about architecture and interior design, but rather trust your feeling.“

This introduction states briefly and to the point what BOXAR architects stands for.


The office was established by Bart Keppens who, gained plenty of experience at some small and big offices.

We currently work with two driven employees at our offices.

We currently invest all our energy in building our practice, with a strict selection process when it comes to projects and strong collaboration with the client.  And this approach still pays off. We take pride in having built up a strong reference list made up of finished or current projects within a few years.


The practice is mainly involved in modern, svelte and sober architecture, refined and pure architecture where the living and working experience is paramount. Frills are not for us. We are strongly convinced of the strength of sober architecture, tastefully decorated and thoughtfully placed in its environment.


The development of such a practice is obviously a long process, with ups and downs, with great to beautiful projects that don’t go through and budgets that are being cut.  But we still have our enthusiasm and our accumulated knowledge, and we know that our approach pays off in the long run, both for small and large projects. We are going for it….